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Tilghman Constructors
help Build Emergency
COVID-19 Hospitals

During the Second World War American ship builders were hired to produce a fleet of cargo vessels to replace those destroyed by Nazi submarine wolf packs.

Dubbed “Liberty Ships”, this new fleet was designed to reestablish shipping lanes to Europe. The speed at which each ship was produced was remarkable and came to represent America’s unstoppable resolve to defeat the Nazis.

Inspired by their historical namesakes, BMarko’s new containerized hospital “Liberty Boxes” would be produced and deployed at a rapid scale to assist Georgia in its war against Covid-19.

Each Liberty Box would be fully furnished, complete with electricity and plumbing, functional headwalls for medical gas, featuring large ADA-compliant restrooms complete with a shower. When assembled into their final configuration, these boxes would become a miniature hospital, providing relief to established brick and mortar hospitals.


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